Seating Chart & Specifications

Seating Chart


Dimensions, Specifications & Equipment Schedules

Proscenium width 24′
Proscenium height 13′
Stage depth from DS edge to Cyclorama 22′
SR/SL Wings 13′

Sound & Lighting Equipment


Soundcraft Spirit Fx-16 Console w/CD player(1)
Crown 2500W Power Amp
House Audio: (3) Tannoy V8 Loudspeakers
(3) Chorus Microphones (overhead: stage right/left/center)
Listen LT 8000-216 Transmitter
Listen La-122 Antenna
Listen La-300 Digital Receiver
Listen La-164 Ear Speakers (3)
ETC Lighting Console w/monitor (1)
ETC Source 4/Ellipsoidals [assorted lenses] (30)
Leader Light 24″ RGBW LED Cyc Wash (5)
RGB Striplights [fixed mount overhead in 3 bands DS/CS/US, 19-20’/band] (3)

OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT FOR RENTAL: (based on availability)

Shure ULXD Wireless Microphone System [up to 4 mics] (1)
Shure ULXD SM58 Handheld Mics (2)
Shure ULXD Bodypacks w/Countryman H6 Headsets (4)
QSC K12 Stage Monitors (2)
K&M Mic Stands (2 Standard/1 Boom)
Orchestra Music Stands (6)
Elite Screens Automated Projection Screen w/remote control [108″] (1)

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