The Sugar Land Cultural Arts Foundation (SLCAF) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization that exists to:

  • Promote the cultural, performing, and visual arts in Sugar Land
  • Preserve, renovate, and restore historic Sugar Land Auditorium to the cultural arts center it once was in the community

Founded in 1999, the SLCAF formalized a community grassroots effort to restore historic Sugar Land Auditorium. Built in 1918 by the Imperial Sugar Company, Sugar Land Auditorium is the oldest public building in Sugar Land. It once served as the site for all important community events, including graduations, plays, church services, dances, recitals, band concerts, and silent movies. The historic building is located adjacent to Lakeview Elementary School, at 226 Lakeview Drive, at the intersection of Lakeview Drive and Wood Street.

To-date, the interior of the 394-seat auditorium has been fully restored and upgraded with air conditioning and state-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment. Phase 2 restoration included the repair and restoration of the exterior of the historic landmark, the construction of dressing rooms, a green room, storage areas and loading dock as well as restoring the historic rooftop balustrade.

Phase 3 includes patron restroom facilities, recreation of the historical covered pergola, and finishing touches on the interior of the building, as well as the exterior. The SLCAF is responsible for all fundraising efforts and oversees the restoration work and rental of Sugar Land Auditorium.

The SLCAF is managed by a 18-member volunteer Board of Directors. Annual fundraising activity includes the Founders Ball in January, sponsorship of Auditorium Chairs, and sales from the SLCAF Mercantile. The SLCAF is most grateful for financial support from many individuals and businesses throughout the community, the City of Sugar Land, Fort Bend Independent School District, and for grant monies awarded by Houston Endowment, Inc., the George Foundation, and the Sugar Land Heritage Society, which have made the work of the SLCAF possible.

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